Inside dynamics of integrodifference equations with mutations

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  • The method of inside dynamics provides a theory that can track the dynamics of neutral gene fractions in spreading populations. However, the role of mutations has so far been absent in the study of the gene flow of neutral fractions via inside dynamics. Using integrodifference equations, we develop a neutral genetic mutation model by extending a previously established scalar inside dynamics model. To classify the mutation dynamics, we define a mutation class as the set of neutral fractions that can mutate into one another. We show that the spread of neutral genetic fractions is dependent on the leading edge of population as well as the structure of the mutation matrix. Specifically, we show that the neutral fractions that contribute to the spread of the population must belong to the same mutation class as the neutral fraction found in the leading edge of the population. We prove that the asymptotic proportion of individuals at the leading edge of the population spread is given by the dominant right eigenvector of the associated mutation matrix, independent of growth and dispersal parameters. In addition, we provide numerical simulations to demonstrate our mathematical results, to extend their generality and to develop new conjectures about our model.

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    • Marculis, N.G., Lewis, M.A. 2020. Inside dynamics of integrodifference equations with mutations. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 82: 7.