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  • 1988-01-01

    Jones, Brian

    Paleontology is a multi-faceted subject that involves taxonomy and community analysis as two of its cornerstones. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches have been incorporated into the various methods employed in such analyses. Each paleontologist obvious has his or her own preference that...

  • 2014

    Yang, Rong-Cai, Hu, Zhiqiu

    Linear mixed model (LMM) analysis has been recently used extensively for estimating additive genetic variances and narrow-sense heritability in many genomic studies. While the LMM analysis is computationally less intensive than the Bayesian algorithms, it remains infeasible for large-scale...

  • Spring 2014

    Bayzid, Sharif M

    There are many road construction companies in Canada that possess numerous fleets of heavy equipment. A big portion of the operating cost of these fleets is consumed by maintenance operations. This thesis focused on the cost of maintenance operation for a road construction company. The objective...

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