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  • 2009-11

    Pinchak, Christopher

    Answer typing is an important aspect of the question answering process. Most commonly addressed with the use of a fixed set of possible answer classes via question classification, answer typing influences which answers will ultimately be selected as correct. Answer typing introduces the concept...

  • 2016-06

    Hauer, Bradley

    Algorithmic decipherment is a prime example of a truly unsupervised problem. This thesis presents several algorithms developed for the purpose of decrypting unknown alphabetic scripts representing unknown languages. We assume that symbols in scripts which contain no more than a few dozen unique...

  • 2016-06

    Liu, Yifeng

    The field of biomedicine is reeling from “information overload”. Indeed, biomedical researchers find it almost impossible to stay current with published literature due to the vast amounts of data being generated and published. As a result, they are turning to text mining. Over the past two...

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