Using a Professional Continuing Medical Education Simulation to Engage Undergraduate Medical Students in Information Literacy

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  • Objective: 1. To engage students by delivering an Evidence Based Medicine assignment in a system that simulates a professional medical continuing education system that many participants will use in residency and practice. 2. To convert a paper-based “searching for and evaluating evidence” assignment to an interactive electronic format, embedded in a course management system. Methods: The College of Family Physicians of Canada's Pearls™ continuing medical education program was simplified for use by medical students beginning their Clinical Clerkship. All of the students had completed a similar paper-based assignment within the previous two years. Students completed the interactive electronic assignment during class time. At the end of the session students were asked to complete an electronic survey which was designed to measure their preference for the paper or electronic delivery of the assignment and whether or not the delivery in the context of a continuing medical education program was engaging for them. Results: Evidence gathered through the surveys showed that the students preferred the interactive electronic version of the assignment and that most of the students valued the introduction to the continuing medical education environment. Conclusion: Based on this research, this program will be integrated further into the information literacy instruction of undergraduate medical students.

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    • Presented at the Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice conference (EBLIP6) in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK