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Bilingual Development in Children with Special Education Needs: Minority and Majority Language Contexts

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2022: The research proposes to take a tripartite approach to understanding the sources of successes and challenges in the bilingual development of Special Education Needs (SENs). Research will take place in Ottawa and Edmonton; Research in the non-elective bilingual and elective bilingual streams of this program will consist of three components: (1) CONTEXT: administrative data from school boards will be gathered and analysed to understand the demographics, special education delivery and academic outcomes relevant to non-elective and elective bilingual SENs. (2) PERSPECTIVES: semi-structured interviews and questionnaires with parents and education team members will yield information about beliefs in the capacity of SENs for dual language learning, facilitators and barriers in support services, and recommendations for change. (3) DIRECT ASSESSMENT of individual SENs will be done in their majority and minority languages (phonology vocabulary, grammar and story-telling skills). Children's ages, cognitive abilities, and language input and experience outside school will be used to determine what factors contribute to stronger or weaker outcomes in individual children's development of their minority first language (L1) and English as a majority second language (L2). Comparisons across streams and components will be made where possible.

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