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  • Fall 2015

    Nie, Rui

    This dissertation first introduces the concepts of robust active learning (also called optimal experimental design in statistics), and the possible advantages of it over the traditional passive learning method. Then a general regression problem with possibly misspecified models is presented, and...

  • Spring 2015

    Maani, Rouzbeh

    Image texture is defined as visual patterns appearing in images. The powerful perceptive capability of texture features has made texture analysis a major research topic in computer vision and image processing. Texture features are used to detect defective products in factories, to understand...

  • Fall 2014

    Lu, Yaojie

    In this thesis, time-varying behaviour, nonlinearity and switching dynamics are generally treated as multi-modal behaviour. Two multi-model modelling techniques, i.e., the linear parameter varying (LPV) technique and the switched modelling technique, are investigated to model the multi-modal...

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