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  1. Ethical Issues Related to the Use/Non-Use of Assistive Technologies

    by Cook, A.M.

    Assistive technologies (AT) can provide significant assistance in accomplishing the tasks of daily living for persons who...

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  2. Examination of Interface Designs Which Maximize Communicative Output in Disabled Children Using an Augmentative Communication Device during a Robot-Controlled Play Scenario

    by Blazina, Kerstin; Friesen, Jamie; Slauenwhite, Kristen; Adams, Kim; Cook, Al

    The purpose of this study, which is part of a larger interface design study, is to expand on evidence suggesting that the...

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  3. Examining Cognitive Mechanisms of Text Comprehension Using Eye-tracking And Working Memory Measures

    by Coutts, Brittany; Mitchell, Megan; Cartmell, Melissa

    Traditionally, research on reading comprehension has relied on offline measures such as answering questions after reading...

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  4. Exploring Pragmatic Language Dysfunction in High Functioning Speakers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Reliability Study for Transcription using Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT)

    by Conrad, Megan; Duby, Brandis; Lysay, Katryna; Smith, Kalista

    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) commonly experience difficulties with pragmatic language use. To determine...

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  5. Exploring the Viability of Exposure to Stories of Individuals who Stutter as a Learning Tool

    by Connatty, Shelley; Dole, Kate; Kelly, Jennifer-Laura; Mosaico, Sarah; Reid, Rachel; Wrightly, Mallorie; Langevin, Marilyn; Kully, Deborah

    The present study was concerned with determining the viability of using exposure to video-recordings of individuals who stutter...

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  6. Exploring the Viability of Exposure to Stories of Individuals Who Stutter as a Learning Tool

    by Elsinga, Laura; Evans, Kayla; Kulchytska, Dariya; O'Dell, Christina

    Background/Purpose The negative stereotype associated with stuttering has been shown to be both persistent and robust. The...

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  7. Exploring the Viability of Exposure to Stories of Individuals Who Stutter as a Learning Tool

    by Grimard, Auriele

    Background A large body of literature suggests that individuals who stutter, (“IWS”), are subjected to negative stereotypical...

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  8. Expressive Language Characteristics of Preschool Children with Speech Sound Disorders

    by Grabler, Gina; Quang, Jenny; Hodge, Megan

    This study investigated several questions about measures of language complexity based on 50-utterance spontaneous speech...

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  9. Familiarity of Idioms in Canadian 12-year old Children

    by Boyes, Kimberley; Reimber, Amanda; Volden, Joanne

    Idioms are expressions in which the literal meaning differs from the meaning of that same expression when it occurs within...

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  10. A hotspot for contemporary SLP Practice: Using the iPad in Therapy with Adults

    by Gibson, Mary; Humphreys, Erin; Miller, Pamela; Palmer, Jenna

    This study examined whether the iPad and associated apps facilitates therapy with adults, and how it can be successfully...

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  12. The impact of staff training in Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) on the communication abilities of adults with developmental disabilities

    by Torrison, Christina; Jung, Elaina; Baker, Kristin; Beliveau, Christine; Cook, Albert

    Staff at a day program were trained in Augmentative/Alternative Communication (AAC) strategies and techniques. The goal was...

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  13. Implementing technology into clinical practice: Speech-Language Pathologists and iPad use

    by Fleming, Rebecca; Minaudo, Caterina

    Recent advancements in mobile technology and increased use of mobile devices are influencing service delivery in healthcare...

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  14. Improving Motivational Interviewing Skills

    by Carson, Aimee; Courchesne, Adele; Edwards, Lauren; Massinon, Christine

    Motivational interviewing is a counseling technique used to support patients as they adopt behaviors consistent with positive...

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  15. An in-house lab manual for analyzing white matter pathways in children who stutter

    by Eleason, Claire

    Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) proves to have great potential for investigating the white matter network of the brain. The...

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  16. The Intensity of Services Delivered to Preschool Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Edmonton Area

    by Pittoors, Dana

    Background: This study describes the intensity of services received by preschool children with autism spectrum disorder...

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  17. Investigating Lesion Size and Neuroimaging Methods with Magnetic Resonance Imaging in People With Aphasia

    by Brown, Meara; Filion, Lisa; Keith, Margaux; Massar, Abbey

    The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of lesion size on performance on various cognitive and linguistic tasks...

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  18. An investigation of the language produced by a child with physical disabilities while directing a partnered math activity with and without the use of a Lego robot

    by Commandeur, Danielle; Robertson, Kate

    Previous research at the Assistive Technology Lab at the University of Alberta has found that the use of robots can facilitate...

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  19. Involving Users in the Design of a Speech Generating Device Interface for Lego Robot Control

    by Adams, K.D.

    This paper describes the process of developing a speech generating device (SGD) interface to control Lego robots which involved...

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  20. Language Development in School-age Children Adopted from Haiti: A Longitudinal Study

    by Bylsma, Karen; Perry, Ashley; Yam, Casey

    The language development of children adopted internationally is a topic of growing interest, however, most studies have investigated...

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