A Review of Home-Based Computerized Auditory Training Programs for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

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  • It has been documented that clinicians working in cochlear implant clinics that provide service to adult cochlear implant recipients feel they do not have sufficient expertise with auditory training protocols, don't have access to enough resources, and do not have enough manpower to offer auditory training to these individuals. Researchers and software creators have exhibited interest in home-based computerized auditory training that has resulted in more information with which the interested clinician and/or cochlear implant recipient must become familiar, in order to make educated decisions when recommending and/or purchasing software for home-use by an adult cochlear implant recipient. This paper provides a guide to busy clinicians, new clinicians, and cochlear implant recipients when considering computerized auditory training programs. Eight of the home-based computerized auditory training programs that are currently available were reviewed, exploring features such as cost, availability of trial versions, areas targeted for therapy, computer literacy and computer hardware required, possibility of use with mobile devices, as well as additional items.

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