Population persistence of a benthic-drift model in a depth-averaged river

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  • The study of population persistence in river ecosystems is key for understanding population
    dynamics, invasions, and instream flow needs. In this paper, we extend theories of persistence measures
    for population models in one-dimensional rivers to a benthic-drift model in two-dimensional depthaveraged rivers. We define the fundamental niche and the source and sink metric, and establish the net
    reproductive rate R0 to determine global persistence of a population in a spatially heterogeneous twodimensional river. We then couple the benthic-drift model into the two-dimensional computational
    river model, River2D, to study the growth and persistence of a population and its source and sink
    regions in a river. The theory developed in this study extends existing R0 analysis to spatially
    heterogeneous two-dimensional models. The River2D program provides a method to analyze the
    impact of river morphology on population persistence in a realistic river. The theory and program
    derived here can be applied to species in real rivers.

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