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From the Voices of Children: An Exploration of Children’s Attitudes Toward Singing in a Pandemic-Weary World

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  • SSHRC IDG awarded 2022: Singing is in a vulnerable state as a result of the pandemic. Given the immense benefits that singing affords children on developmental physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual levels, a world without singing will also impact the general health and well­being for all. FVC will assess first­hand, mid­pandemic attitudes toward singing as expressed by children themselves. Year One will focus on the collection and analysis of quantitative data gathered from general singing survey responses provided by child participants (age 6­12, n=250­500) recruited from rural and urban settings in school, private studio, and community choir contexts representing each geographic region in the province of Alberta. The survey will be supplemented by one-­on-­one interviews with a smaller cohort of study participants selected to provide deeper qualitative data for subsequent analysis. With singing advocacy in mind, at the end of Year One, study participants will be encouraged to participate in a children's choir project in collaboration with Alberta's provincial choral service organization, Choir Alberta. Year Two will be dedicated to continued data compilation and analysis, manuscript preparation, conference presentation, and the creation of an advocacy documentary film based on audio and video recordings drawn from interviews and the children’s choir project.

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