Buoyant plume rise in non-uniform wind conditions

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  • The conservation equations governing buoyant plume rise are solved for the case of non-uniform wind conditions. A simple power law is selected to represent the actual wind profile. Analytical solutions are presented both for uniformly stable and neutral atmospheric conditions. These solutions are shown to be of the same form as those obtained in the simpler uniform case but with the plume rise now depending explicitly on the wind speed shear, i.e., z ∞ t2/(J+δ). A sensitivity analysis of the effects on plume rise of typical variation in wind shear and entrainment reveals that the two quantities have an almost equal effect therefore justifying the use of the present model. To simplify computations a \"uniform wind\" is introduced such that when used in conjunction with Briggs' equations the results become consistent with those of the present theory.

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    Conditions of Use Djurfors, S. and D. Netterville, 1977. Buoyant plume rise in non-uniform wind conditions. Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta. Professional Paper 1977-3. 17 pp.; Permission for non-commercial use, publication or presentation of excerpts or figures is granted, provided appropriate attribution (as above) is cited. Commercial reproduction, in whole or in part, is not permitted without prior written consent. The use of these materials by the end user is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by Syncrude Canada Ltd. Reliance upon the end user's use of these materials is at the sole risk of the end user.