System Dynamics Approach to Tailings Management Simulation

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  • Tailings Management System (TMS) consists of a web of inter-related sub-systems across disciplinary and organizational boundaries. Conventional predictive models simulate physical processes in each discipline with great details. In contrast, simulation based on System Dynamics (SD) focuses on overall behavior of the system over time rather than the typical mechanistic predictions seen in conventional numerical models. SD technique has been widely used in the field of business, ecology, public health, and environmental studies. However, despite the adoption of various SD-based tools in mine water balance and water quality studies, the identification and formulation of causal loop diagrams and feedback structures are rarely practiced in the management of tailings and mine waste. This paper builds on the foundation of a previously developed dynamic simulation tool, Tailings Management Simulator (TMSim) to demonstrate how SD can be used as a framework for inter-disciplinary collaboration and stakeholder communication. Advantages and limitation of SD-based modeling approach will also be discussed.

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