A study of metallic emissions from the main stack at Syncrude's Mildred Lake plant

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  • Concord Scientific Corporation has conducted a study of emissions from the main stack at Syncrude Canada Limited’s Mildred Lake plant. The terms of reference for this study were: • To carry out a field stack sampling program and associated chemical analyses to determine selected metallic elements and related substances emitted in particulate and vapour form from Syncrude’s main plant stack and the emission rates and the size distribution of the particles. • To model the dispersion of these emissions to estimate the annual concentrations and deposition within 50 to 100 km from the stack, primarily to estimate the loadings on surrounding lands. The field stack sampling programme was carried out between June 13 and June 19, 1984, during which one preliminary test and three valid compliance tests were completed. This report includes the details of the field sampling and chemical analysis protocols and of the modelling methods used, and presents the results and a discussion of the data.

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    Conditions of Use Concord Scientific Corporation, 1984. A study of metallic emissions from the main stack at Syncrude's Mildred Lake plant. Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta. Environmental Research Monograph 1984-2. Various pagings. Permission for non-commercial use, publication or presentation of excerpts or figures is granted, provided appropriate attribution (as above) is cited. Commercial reproduction, in whole or in part, is not permitted without prior written consent. The use of these materials by the end user is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by Syncrude Canada Ltd. Reliance upon the end user's use of these materials is at the sole risk of the end user.