A Stated Preference Analysis of International Commodity Marketing: South Korean Hotel Meat Buyers' Perceptions of Canadian Beef, US Beef and Australian Beef

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  • Since the late 1980s, South Korea has become one of the most affluent and influential Asian countries. Korean consumers' food demands are changing with their increased income. Beef consumption has continuously grown since the reopening of the market to beef imports in 1988. Potential exists for the Canadian beef industry to penetrate the South Korean market for grain-fed beef. The United States and Australia dominate the Korean market for imported beef. Canada has not yet had major successes in penetrating the Korean market. This study conducted in November 1995 evaluates Korean attitudes towards Canadian beef relative to competing beef from the United States and Australia. The objectives are (1) evaluate the importance of country-of-origin (country brand) in buying decisions; (2) to gather information that may be used in developing marketing strategies to increase Canada's market share of grain-fed beef exports to Korea; (3) to provide a baseline measurement of Korean perceptions of beef sourced from Canada, the United States and Australia and; (4) to evaluate the suitability of stated preference survey methodology.

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