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  • 2014-06

    Peske, Sylvia K.

    Adolescents’ safety on the Internet is a prime concern in society. Sexual predators use the online environment regularly to solicit adolescents for sexual purposes; however, we know very little about the experiences of adolescents who become victimized in this way. This research used a thematic...

  • 2010-11

    Greidanus, Elaine

    When stress becomes distress, people seek to decrease their psychological pain using methods that seem convenient and appropriate. In an increasingly technology-based society, the Internet provides opportunities for individuals in distress to seek information and connections with others. Research...

  • 2014-11

    Brown, Carol A.M

    Given the prevalence of web use by teachers and students and the need for all citizens to be information literate, teachers across curricula are expected to model and develop information literacy and web searching skills within their classrooms. Unfortunately, little is known about how teachers...

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