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  • Exploring the Viability of Exposure to Stories of Individuals who Stutter as a Learning Tool
  • Connatty, Shelley
    Dole, Kate
    Kelly, Jennifer-Laura
    Mosaico, Sarah
    Reid, Rachel
    Wrightly, Mallorie
    Langevin, Marilyn
    Kully, Deborah
  • stuttering
    individuals who stutter (IWS)
    reflective journaling
    student Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Research Material
  • English
  • Microsoft Word
  • The present study was concerned with determining the viability of using exposure to video-recordings of individuals who stutter (IWS) to develop in student speech-language pathologists (student SLPs) an empathic understanding of IWS.

Apr 29, 2014 11:14 AM