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  1. The acquisition of tense in English: Distinguishing child second language from first language and specific language impairment

    by Paradis, J.; Rice, M.L.; Crago, M.; Marquis, J.

    This study reports on a comparison of the use and knowledge of tense-marking morphemes in English by first language (L1),...

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  2. Adjectives and the Organization of Lexical Inventories

    by Beck, David

    A definition lexical classes is proposed based on the mapping between the prototypical semantic and the unmarked syntactic...

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  4. Bilingual children with specific language impairment: Theoretical and applied issues

    by Paradis, J.

    Bilingualism is often considered an inappropriate developmental choice for children with specific language impairment (SLI)...

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  5. Community Collaborations: Best practices for North American Indigenous language documentation

    by Penfield, Susan D.; Serratos, Angelina; Tucker, Benjamin V.; Flores, Amelia; Harper, Gilford; Hill, Johnny Jr.; Vasquez, Nora

    This article describes a collaborative project for language documentation involving the North American indigenous languages...

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  6. Contextual effects on the duration of ejective fricatives in Upper Necaxa Totonac

    by Rebekka Puderbaugh

    The present paper investigates the effects of word position, stress and vowel phonation on the duration of ejective fricatives...

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  7. A corpus-based study of the figure and ground in sitting, standing, and lying constructions.

    by Newman, John

    Sitting, standing, and lying are common at-rest positions for humans and the verbs which refer to these positions can have...

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  8. Crosslinguistic transfer in the acquisition of compound words in Persian-English bilinguals

    by Foroodi-Nejad, F.; Paradis, J.

    Crosslinguistic transfer in bilingual language acquisition has been widely reported in various linguistic domains (e.g., D¨opke,...

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  9. Early emergence of structural constraints on code-mixing: evidence from French-English bilingual children

    by Paradis, J.; Nicoladis, E.; Genesee, F.

    Does young bilingual children's code-mixing obey the same structural constraints as bilingual adults' code-mixing? The present...

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  10. Eating and drinking as sources of metaphor in English

    by Newman, John

    Eating and drinking are basic acts in ordinary human experience and concepts relating to these acts are sources for metaphorical...

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  13. English sit, stand, and lie in small and large corpora

    by Newman, John; Rice, Sally

    We explore the usage of the cardinal English posture verbs sit, stand, and lie relying on a number of corpora of English...

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  14. Extracting the Lowest-Frequency Words: Pitfalls and Possibilities

    by Weeber, M.; Vos, R.; Baayen, R.H.

    In a medical information extraction system, we use common word association techniques to extract side-effect-related terms....

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  16. Illustrations of the IPA: Temne

    by Kanu, Sullay M.; Tucker, Benjamin V.

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  17. Intelligibility of foreign-accented words: Acoustic distances and gradient foreign accentedness

    by Porretta, Vincent; Tucker, Benjamin V.

    Intelligibility and degree of accentedness are interrelated aspects of non-native speech. Previous research suggests that...

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  18. Interpreters' Identities: An Exploratory Study of Vietnamese Interpreters in Vietnam

    by Le, E.; Ménard, N.; Van Nhan, N.

    This qualitative exploratory study of Vietnamese interpreters in Vietnam argues that the progressive dispelling of the interpreters’...

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  19. Laboratory activities for large and online phonetics classes

    by Mills, Timothy; Pollock, Karen; Tucker, Benjamin V.

    Phonetics is an inherently lab-oriented topic, involving the investigation and analysis of speech data; but it is often taught...

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  20. Language Loss and Linguistic Suicide: A Case Study from the Sierra Norte De Puebla, Mexico

    by Beck, D.; Lam. Y.

    In this paper we propose the term “linguistic suicide” to refer to situations where parents who are speakers of a minority...

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