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Publications by faculty affiliated with the School of Library and Information Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Alberta.

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  1. Assessment of the Research Learning Needs of University of Saskatchewan Librarians: A Case Study

    by Alvin M Schrader; Ali Shiri; Vicki Williamson

    As academic librarians with faculty status increasingly embrace research engagement as a core value and requirement, one...

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  2. Broadening Access to Knowledge: Considerations in Developing and Using Open Educational Resources (OER)

    by McNally, Michael B.

    Open Educational Resources (OERs) have the potential to enhance education across the globe by facilitating the sharing, reuse...

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  3. Canada's Current Copyright Environment

    by McNally, Michael B.

    A Presentation for the Northern Alberta Health Libraries Association TRENDS Conference, May 2, 2014

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  4. Design vs. Pedagogical Considerations for OERs

    by McNally, Michael B.

    This presentation examines the tension between design principles for Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the pedagogical...

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  5. Increasingly Unambitious: A Thematic Analysis of Canadian Broadband Policy and Programs

    by Evaniew, Jennifer; Stobbs, Robyn; Rathi, Dinesh; McNally, Michael B.

    This paper provides a thematic analysis of federal and provincial broadband programs and policies in Canada from 1995 to...

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  6. Industry Canada's Spectrum Management Consultations: Democratic Participation or Regulatory Capture

    by McNally, Michael B.; Mowatt, Brandy; Pintos, Lilian

    This paper examines Industry Canada consultations on spectrum management from 2008-2012. Using post-revisionist regulatory...

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  7. Intellectual Property, Makerspaces and 3D Printing

    by Austin, Mallory; McNally, Michael B.; Trosow, Samuel E.

    The session examines the issues raised by makerspaces in the context of Canadian intellectual property law. Questions addressed...

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  8. Libraries and Broadband Policy: From Internet Providers to Policy Leaders

    by McNally, Michael B.; Trosow, Samuel E

    For two decades libraries served as critical community linkages by being not just providers, but leaders in enabling internet...

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  9. Open Educational Resources in Higher Education and the Role of the Academic Library

    by McNally, Michael B.

    A presentation to University of Alberta Libraries on the role of academic libraries in relation to open educational resources...

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  10. Powering Search: The Role of Thesauri in New Information Environments

    by Shiri, Ali

    This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the role of thesauri in search user interfaces across a range of information...

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  11. Rotten by Design: Shortened Expiry Dates for Government of Canada Web Content

    by McNally, Michael B.; Wakaruk, Amanda; Davoodi, Danoosh

    This paper examines the Government of Canada’s Web Renewal Initiative and impact on the provision of web based government...

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  12. Shaping of a digital library in Canada's North

    by Rathi, Dinesh; Shiri, Ali; Campbell, Sandy; Farnel, Sharon; Cockney, Cathy; Stobbs, Robyn

    This project seeks to: 1. Investigate and identify the information needs and information seeking behaviour of community...

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  13. Strengthening Spectrum License Deployment Requirements: An Analysis of the Path of Least Resistance for the AWS-3 Auction

    by Stobbs, Robyn; Evaniew, Jennifer; McNally, Michael B.; Rathi, Dinesh

    This paper examines the impact of increased spectrum license deployment requirements used in the Canadian AWS-3 spectrum...

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  14. “Nowhere to Turn, Nowhere to Go”: Library & Information Services for Sexual & Gender (LGBTQ) Minorities

    by Schrader, Alvin M.

    Presentation to LIS 541. LIS SERVICES IN CULTURALLY DIVERSE SOCIETY in the MLIS program, University of Alberta, on key themes...

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