Development of an integrated tailings closure model using GoldSim: preliminary results and lessons learned

  • Lessons Learned: Tailings Management Simulation using System Dynamics

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  • Traditionally, multidisciplinary simulation exercises often involves one discipline mechanistically using the output from a black-box model developed by another discipline. In this presentation, new techniques such as System Dynamics and Causal Loop Diagramming (CLD) will be used as the transitional tool from the qualitative to the quantitative stage of modelling. The System Dynamics method provides a framework under which both technical and non-technical stakeholders can create shared understanding of key issues in a collaborative manner. For this project, the modeler first developed a series of CLDs describing major physical processes in the interaction between reclamation cover and consolidation fluxes from tailings substrate. Then the modeler translated those CLDs into quantitative sub-models inside GoldSim - a graphical object-oriented simulation tool frequently used in planning, water balance studies, and water resource management in the mining industry. Preliminary results and lessons learned during the modelling process will also be discussed.

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