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The Biomedical Body and Everyday Life in Quebec

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2017: This project focuses on the representations of health and the biomedical body in post-1960s Anglo-Canada and Franco-Québec literatures. It is interested in the representation of urban middle-classes and the ways in which the notion of responsibility towards health informs the literary self. It possesses a resolutely interdisciplinary dimension because its results as well as part of its methodology will intersect with the field of health humanities. With the rapidly growing, yet widely different problems of public health management in Canada, the personal relation to one's body and health in light of the often-conflicting rhythms of urban life has become crucial. The relative sobriety and calculations required by health regimens, by the physical and mental declines of old age, by the "accidents" that radically alter one's identity, or by the unequal rhythms and lifespan of organs along with the possibility of their transplant, quickly prove to be incompatible with the subjective flourishing of the ideal of the "good life" that dominates our images of citizenship.

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