IoT Enabled Natural Gas Detection Secure Wireless Sensor for Residential and Commercial Deployments with Cloud-based Data Storage

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  • The detection of gas leaks is a major safety issue where citizens, employees and assets could suffer serious harm as the result of undetected malfunction or damage in facilities. Currently, most detection systems are expensive, passive, hard to wire, maintain and update. With every attempt
    to turn them into wireless or portable systems these problems are increased several times and can become impossible to achieve as well. Whenever a potentially dangerous gas is involved (e.g. Natural Gas, CO2, H2S, etc), the responsible entities must satisfy safety regulations and protect human life. Utilities, Oil & Gas, Insurers and Building companies are the obvious and always interested parts in this equation where prevention is better (cheaper) than damage control. IoT is offering a wide span of reliable solutions with costs in a trend to the low. Automation and two ways communications are possible, then the times of isolated and passive detection systems are gone. Also, wireless communications have a positive impact in budgets and in the required time to install and setup devices. (As cited in abstract.)

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