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Audio Games and Music Composition

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2022: Videogames offer tremendous potential for more meaningful interactions with music and sound, but in most cases, the role that sound and music plays is subservient to the story or game world, rather than being a point of exploration in and of itself. What if composers thought like game designers? What kinds of implications would this have for new explorations in musical form and artistic process? This project seeks to create a series of immersive audio games that create new paradigms for interactive composition, as well as for gaming in general. In this context, the team defines an audio game as an interactive composition that offers some kind of challenge to the player. To answer the research questions, the team will first expand the literature review to tease out further game examples, analyze them, and work through their implications. At the same time, they will build a common technological framework for developing the games, informed by previously funded research (SSHRC, Edmonton Arts Council), and including training workshops for all team members. Finally, based on an agreed-upon set of criteria, we will create several short games, which will be exhibited in both physical and virtual realms, as well as being made available to the public for free through such platforms as and Steam.

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