Assessing Copyright Risk Tolerance for Large Scale Digitization Projects

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  • Conference presentation at 2016 ABC Copyright Conference, May 27.

    Digitizing and sharing materials online makes our cultural heritage more accessible, supporting the dissemination of knowledge and the public good. Navigating related copyright issues, however, can weigh heavily on the feasibility of large-scale digitization projects. Fair dealing and LAM and educational institution exceptions in the Copyright Act may or may not apply to making entire works publicly available online.

    Can a risk management approach make it possible for an institution to digitize and disseminate some material for which permission cannot be secured? What departments at the institution need to be involved in the development, approval, and implementation of this approach? What would such a process look like? What factors should it take into account?

    Archivists and librarians at Simon Fraser University and the University of Alberta have begun to address these questions through the development of a risk management approach to copyright assessment. This session will describe and compare the resulting protocols and processes at these two institutions. The impetus for their approach and its implementation will be discussed. Speakers provided examples and shared related procedures and forms used to conduct risk assessments. Strategies for responding to potential complaints and take-down requests were addressed.

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