On sonobuoy placement for submarine tracking.

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  • This paper addresses the problem of detecting and tracking an unknown number of submarines in a body of water using a known number of moving sonobuoys. Indeed, we suppose there are N submarines collectively maneuvering as a weakly interacting stochastic dynamical system, where N is a random number, and we need to detect and track these submarines using M moving sonobuoys. These sonobuoys can only detect the superposition of all submarines through corrupted and delayed sonobuoy samples of the noise emitted from the collection of submarines. The signals from the sonobuoys are transmitted to a central base to analyze, where it is required to estimated how many submarines there are as well as their locations, headings, and velocities. The delays induced by the propagation of the submarine noise through the water mean that novel historical filtering methods need to be developed. We summarize these developments within and give initial results on a simplified example.

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    • M.A. Kouritzin, D. Ballantyne, Y. Hu and H. Kim (2005); "On sonobuoy placement for submarine tracking." Proceedings of SPIE International Society for Optical Engineering, 5809, 244-252. doi:10.1117/12.604409