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The Poetics of 'Living With': Indigenous, Canadian, and Québécois Feminist Production/Les Poétiques du 'Vivre Avec': Productions Féministes Autochtones, Canadiennes et Québécoises

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  • SSHRC Awarded CG 2018: This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and bilingual (English-French) conference sets out to compare Indigenous, Anglophone Canadian, and Québécois feminist production today-- including literature, theory, music, digital art, and film. The conference focuses on notions that have historically fuelled feminist thought and, in particular, taken on new forms with the second millennium, namely: 1) Indigenous women's voices and perspectives; 2) the ethics of care pioneered by earlier feminist research and reworked by contemporary scholars; 3) women and history; 4) intersectionality, or the analysis of gender, transness, sexuality, race, colonization, mental health, physical ability, and age as interrelated oppressive forces; 5) the re-turn to feminist affect or emotion as both encompassing and amplifying familiar feminist preoccupations; 6) new poetics practiced bywomen writers today; and 7) eco-feminism, which combines ecological and feminist concerns.

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