Survey of Albertans’ Value Drivers Regarding Oil Sands Development and Reclamation

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  • A random sample of 1,032 Albertans, aligned with the Statistics Canada 2006 demographic profile of the Province of Alberta, completed an on-line survey with two elements: a conjoint best-worse survey, and a set of attitudinal questions. The goal of the CSI-OSRIN Oil Sands Survey (the survey) was to gather empirical information as a basis for oil sands policy development for both industry and government. The results offer a clear understanding of public expectations. The survey found that the top three drivers related to development and reclamation of oil sands were: Type of reclamation (20%), Wildlife habitat (19%) and Ecological monitoring (18%). There is significant consistency in priority choices between these 2010 survey data and a similar study CSI conducted in 2007 (Chapman et al. 2009) on the values and priorities of Albertans with regard to responsible and sustainable oil sands development. Based on the priority preferences as to what should guide and drive oil sand development this survey result shows where action is needed and communications should be focused.

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