Email-to-REST System (E2R) User-Request Translation System

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  • The Email-to-Rest System (referred to as E2R system) is based on developing an automatic user-request translation system. In the E2R system, when a new well-formed email request is received by an email receiver, it results in an invocation to a server using REST (Representational State Transfer). The response of server is also in the form of a well-formed email. The capstone project is based on developing an E2R system (Figure 1) in which the client takes the email requests from the customer to places the order , read and parses the contents of email, and uses the REST invocation to the Main Server to enter the order into a computer system by automatic process, without the need of human intervention, that helps to save time for manual check, read and write information and this results in a gain of productivity. (As cited in introduction.)

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