Community Tools and Best Practices for Harvesting and Preserving At-Risk Web Content

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  • The archival challenges posed by the dynamic and temporal nature of the web has placed web archiving at the forefront of capturing and preserving born digital content essential to a community's collective memory. The University of Alberta captures born digital content from the web including at-risk government documents and community based websites, social media, and journalism using the Archive-It service. In addition, UA works as part of a collaborative group of institutions that are partnering to preserve a wide variety of Canadian digital material through the use of a private LOCKSS network, a digital preservation system. This roundtable session seeks to engage with other archivists working with web content by sharing current practices in the web archiving field. The panelists will discuss why they are archiving the web, the similarities and differences between archival policies and practices when dealing with web content versus more traditional formats, as well as how their community of library and archive professionals uses Archive-It and LOCKSS to collect, catalogue, provide access to, and promote the web content they have harvested. With these new archival practices, archivists can ensure that web content is effectively preserved and accessed in the long term.

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