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Reading for Our Lives: Readers, Memoir, Social Media

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2022: "Reading for Our Lives" is a project that investigates the following questions: 1) Why readers turn to memoir to understand the world, 2) what kind of life narratives are present in their social media posts, 3) what role do social media platforms play in shaping readers’ presentation of their memoir reading, and 4) what kinds of life narratives are present in memoir readers’ social media posts. The researchers will draw upon life writing, reading studies, literary studies, communication studies, book history, and media studies to produce new knowledge about how and why readers connect with the lives presented in print memoir, and with each other online. They will examine how readers share their ideas about specific memoirs across four social media platforms, as part of their inquiry into readers' engagement with the genre of memoir in an era where both print and digital media are part of many peoples' everyday lives. Methodologies include combining social reading and knowledge about genres to produce more complex accounts of memoir reading in a networked environment and new theories of affinity and experience regarding online communities.

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