Beyond the Binary: Tips for Finding Queer Resources in the Library

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  • Abstract: Finding high quality Queer resources can be challenging in heteronormative academia. Learn the ins and outs of advanced searching for LGBTQ2S+ sources from UofA Librarians.
    In this presentation, we review: Good search strategy; Vetted databases containing Queer information; General tips & tricks to save you time; Inclusive citation styles, beyond the binary.

    Librarians Jessica Thorlakson (they/she) and Céline Gareau-Brennan (she/her) provided a presentation of the virtual resources and using specific research case examples for LGBTQ2S+ topics. There were active learning components and opportunities to engage with other participants to enhance the learning experience. These are the slides from the presentation (available to all participants, allowing them to apply what they have learnt in the future).

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