Integrodifference Models for Persistence in Temporally Varying River Environments

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  • To fully understand population persistence in river ecosystems, it is neces-
    sary to consider the effect of the water flow, which varies tremendously with seasonal
    fluctuations of water runoff and snow melt. In this paper, we study integrodifference
    models for growth and dispersal in the presence of advective flow with both peri-
    odic (alternating) and random kernel parameters. For the alternating kernel model,
    we obtain the principal eigenvalue of the linearization operator to determine popula-
    tion persistence and derive a boundary value problem to calculate it. For the random
    model, we establish two persistence metrics: a generalized spectral radius and the
    asymptotic growth rate, which are mathematically equivalent but can be understood
    differently, to determine population persistence or extinction. The theoretical frame-
    work and methods for calculations are provided, and the framework is applied to
    calculating persistence in highly variable river environments.

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