Glossary of Terms and Acronyms used in Oil Sands Mining, Processing and Environmental Management - December 2014 Update

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  • Glossaries help provide a common understanding of the language and acronyms used in various specialized fields such as oil sands mining, processing and environmental management. This broad subject area is comprised of many different technical fields, each of which has its own language. There are many Glossaries available in print or on the web, however these often relate only to one technical field or one stakeholder’s interests. Therefore OSRIN felt it was valuable to prepare this Glossary as a single reference source. The Glossary focuses initially on reclamation terms. Some general remediation terms are provided; for a more comprehensive listing of remediation and related risk-management terminology see Powter (2002). This will be a living document – updated as necessary to expand coverage in processing and environmental management and as new terms or acronyms come to light.

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