Accessibility in Questionnaire Research: Integrating Universal Design to Increase the Participation of Individuals With Learning Disabilities

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  • This paper explores how to apply the principles of accommodations and
    universal design (UD) in research methods involved in quantitative
    research (e.g. questionnaires). In particular, we focus on how to make
    research more accessible for individuals with Learning Disabilities (LD),
    while also providing suggestions for potential participants of research more
    generally. This paper first reviews accommodations provided to students
    within an educational setting, focusing on the components of setting,
    timing, presentation and response format. Following this discussion, we
    discuss UD and how it can be adapted to the research process (e.g. the
    creation of surveys, and data collection). Next, we draw on components
    of accommodations and universal design to offer suggestions for those
    conducting research with individuals with LD. In closing, we provide a
    table with key UD and accommodation questions that researchers can use
    to guide questionnaire design thereby advancing the field when it comes
    to accessible research design

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