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Carbon Counts: Assessing the Carbon Exposure of Canadian Institutional Investment Portfolios

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  • A report commissioned by WWF-Canada.

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    Use of this product is restricted to members of the University of Alberta community and to users of the Library's physical facilities. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that he or she uses this product for individual, non-commercial educational or research purposes only, and does not systematically download or retain substantial portions of information. You may publish, present, disseminate, or reproduce its evaluation, analysis, or characterization of this information provided that no raw Trucost data is reproduced. Should you reveal any Trucost data points, you must do so in aggregate form and/or removing company name and address variables to anonymize the dataset, with prior approval of Trucost. If a research journal requires you to make publicly available the dataset analyzed in the articles as a condition of publication, it will do so only after (a) removing company name and address variables to anonymize the dataset, and (b) omitting any variables and observations that were not actually used in the article’s analysis, and (c) with the prior notification of Trucost.