Trucost provides comprehensive data on corporate environmental impacts, including carbon and greenhouse gases, water, waste, metals and chemicals. Environmental profiles are produced for 5400 global companies starting in 2004. Trucost standardizes company environmental impact data into quantities (i.e. tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Cubic Meters of Water Used, tons of waste disposed), and then applies a damage cost to each resource and emission to generate an external environmental cost profile for each company. The external cost of using an environmental resource, such as water, or emitting a pollutant, such as carbon dioxide, is the cost that is borne by society through the degradation of the environment but which is not borne by the firm that uses the resource or emits the pollutant. Truscost data is utilized by Newsweek for it "Green Rankings": environmental performance ranking of the 500 largest companies in America, and underpins numberous funds including the S&P US Carbon Efficient Index, Deutsche Bank's CROCI Carbon 100, Merrill Lynch's Carbon Leaders Europe Index, NYSE Euronext's Low Carbon 100 Europe Index.

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