Summary of 2013 Tailings Technology Development and Commercialization Workshop

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  • NAIT-CGCE, NAIT School of Sustainable Building and Environmental Management, and the NAIT JR Shaw School of Business, in collaboration with COSIA, AIEES, and the Oil Sands Research and Information Network (OSRIN), held a technology innovation workshop on March 19, 2013 at the NAIT campus to open the dialogue between oil sands industry, academia, research and development organizations, and third-party innovators. The workshop, titled 2013 Tailings Technology Development and Commercialization: Big Ideas from Small Places, was attended by approximately 130 people from SMEs, government, industry and academia. The following common themes arose during the presentations: • There is considerable public scrutiny and concern about oil sands tailings-related environmental challenges • Technology development and deployment is key to solving the tailings challenge in a sustainable manner • There is no single technology solution for tailings disposal– a suite of technologies will be required • For a technology to be considered suitable it must provide net environmental benefits (e.g., must be evaluated in the context of impacts on solids, liquids, GHG) and be economic (i.e., a systems perspective) • Technologies must be deployed more quickly than in the past • There is a need for an entity or organization that can provide a bridge between SMEs, third-party technology developers, and the oil sands companies The workshop was a first step towards tailings technology development and commercialization. More events may be planned, some specifically focused on bringing the technology developers together and understanding their technologies. The 2nd Tailings Technology and Development Commercialization Workshop will be planned for 2014 in collaboration with all the partners. There may be an opportunity to share some results on SME and third-party vendor technologies within the 2014 workshop.

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