2B3 Creating a Blended Outreach Service Model for a Province-wide Health Care Information Service

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  • Introduction: In the past 5 years we transformed library services to a single online service that provides information services for all health care workers across the province and consolidated library locations from twenty-four to nine in three urban centres. Strategizing for consistent and sustainable outreach services is essential to meet health care professionals' information needs. While the literature on the fundamental goals of outreach programs in libraries has been prevalent, there is a gap in how to provide an effective outreach program for health care professionals working from geographically distributed sites. Description: A literature review and an internal audit of health library outreach practices were completed in the Spring/Summer of 2016. A combined subject and geographic liaison outreach service model was developed with the primary goal of ensuring all clients across the province receive the same high quality information service. Outcomes: Pilot testing of the program began in Fall 2016 and will be ongoing. The lessons learned continue to inform how to best engage library staff and evaluate the impact of the service. Discussion: A blended outreach model will streamline the processes in delivering and implementing the service, as well as enable health care professionals throughout the region to access the same level of services.

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