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Building Gender-Inclusive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Canada

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2020: This project will generate rigorous, representative, findings on women's entrepreneurial outcomes and the impact of specific regional ecosystems, using intersectional analytical techniques. It will build on a well-established adult population survey, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Canada, that has collected data over the past two decades (2002-06 and 2013-2020 inclusive). From 2021-24, we will develop and refine special question modules on entrepreneurial ecosystems, performance outcomes, and socio-demographic background to be added to the core GEM Canada survey. Our approach will generate a unique data source, novel analysis, and excellent training opportunities for graduate students through four interrelated studies. Study 1 will examine gender gaps in performance between women and men entrepreneurs, using intersectional analysis and broader spectrum of outcomes than has been analyzed to date. Study 2 will empirically examine theoretical arguments that women's enterprise offers a 'false promise' of economic opportunity, focusing on understudied dimensions of quality of working life, and comparing entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs--an element missing from debates thus far. Study 3 will explore questions about the short- and longer-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic for women entrepreneurs, using an intersectional lens, and bringing valuable comparative perspectives between Canada and the United States. Study 4 will build upon findings from Studies 1-3, to conduct a comparative analysis of regional ecosystems, focusing on the support ecosystem (e.g. government, non-government entrepreneurial support and advisory services) to better understand the specific supports and approaches needed to build 'inclusive ecosystems' for a diverse range of women entrepreneurs.

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