High Mobility MIS Interfaces with Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

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    Milburn, Eric
  • As communications technologies continue to grow, the role of gallium nitride (GaN) transistors
    for high-frequency applications continues to grow as the speed requirements of more and more
    applications exceed the abilities of silicon. Today the vast majority of commercial GaN devices
    use HEMT architectures which are far more complicated to manufacture and have inferior offstate performance in comparison to standard MOSFET architecture. The primary cause for this
    is the lack of dielectric materials capable of forming an interface with GaN that does not
    dramatically degrade carrier mobility due to interface traps. In this research I demonstrate that
    atomic layer deposited (ALD) silicon nitride (SiN) forms an interface with GaN that bypasses any
    deleterious effects of interface traps and allows for high mobility of carriers within a simple threelayer MOSCAP device. The GaN-SiN-ruthenium system used in these MOSCAPs is analyzed
    through materials and electronic characterization to describe the chemical makeup and band
    structure of the system. These findings suggest a promising path of research for developing
    architecturally simple lateral GaN MOSFETs with speeds comparable to commercial HEMTs with
    superior off-state performance.

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    Fall 2021
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    Master of Science
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