R0 Analysis of a Benthic-Drift Model for a Stream Population

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  • One key issue for theory in stream ecology is how much stream flow can be changed while still
    maintaining an intact stream ecology, instream flow needs (IFNs); the study of determining IFNs is
    challenging due to the complex and dynamic nature of the interaction between the stream environment
    and the biological community. We develop a process-oriented benthic-drift model that links
    changes in the flow regime and habitat availability with population dynamics. In the model, the
    stream is divided into two zones, drift zone and benthic zone, and the population is divided into
    two interacting compartments, individuals residing in the benthic zone and individuals dispersing
    in the drift zone. We study the population persistence criteria, based on the net reproductive rate
    R0 and on related measures. We develop new theory to calculate these quantities and use them to
    investigate how the various flow regimes, population birth rate, individual transfer rates between
    zones, and river heterogeneity affect population persistence. The theory developed here provides
    the basis for effective decision-making tools for water managers.

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