SDN- Data Center Automation with Firewall as a Service

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  • The software-defined data center (SDDC) has already redefined the traditional ways of implementing the storage, networking, computing and security services by eliminating the dependency on the dedicated hardware. Enterprise data centres are evolving to provide the higher performance and agility, driven by rapid adoption of mobility/BYOD, big data, cloud, and SaaS. But, the data center security needs to guard against the more sophisticated attacks, while keeping up with rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements. Software defined networking (SDN) and network virtualization had already been abstracted the networking and security service attributes, while creating the network fabric overlays for on-demand policy orchestration and ensuring the consistent visibility and control. So, the intent of my project is to deploy an orchestrated firewall plugin in multi-tenant data center network in automated manner using Openflow Controller (POX) and Python API. The firewall plugin developed in this project supports the network segmentation and security service function deployment.

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