Exploring How can Enterprise Holding Inc. in Alberta Benefit from the use of the online Training of Employees for Professional Development

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  • Many researchers have studied and documented the benefits and challenges of using online
    training of employees for professional development (PD). In recent years, many companies and
    organizations have started to invest in online training for professional development to
    complement the traditional face-to-face PD training or do away with the traditional and continue
    with the online training alone. Even though online training for PD has proven to be successful,
    Enterprise Holdings Inc. (Ehi) in Alberta continues to spend much money for transport, food,
    accommodation, and allowances to finance face-to-face training for professional development. In
    this paper, I have attempted to explore the following questions: 1. How can (Ehi) benefit from
    online training for professional development? 2. What are the most common models or strategies
    for delivering online training to employees? What are their various strengths and weaknesses?

    1. What model of strategy or a combination of models might present the best fit for the needs of Enterprise Holdings Inc? 4. What steps does an organization like enterprise need to introduce an online training strategy, and what factors do they need to consider in evaluating its values to the organization? Findings suggest that Enterprise Holdings Inc. in Alberta can benefit from online training by switching their training from face-to-face to online or by using online training as a complement to the face-to-face training. Various modes of delivery methods include the hybrid or blended method, synchronous, asynchronous, and extended asynchronous, although each has its limitations. Ehi in Alberta can benefit by utilizing either online training only or the hybrid method. They can start investing in online training by commissioning a task force of experts which will bring recommendations with timeline and cost for implementations.

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