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CodePink Alert! Transnational Feminist Peach Activism in the Post 9/11 Period

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  • SSHRC Awarded IDG 2011: The goal of this study is to develop new knowledge about transnational social activism through a systematic case study analysis of CodePink: Women for Peace. The CodePink network was founded in the fall 2002 as a response to the US-led invasion of Afghanistan. Characteristically armed with pink parasols and dressed in lingerie costumes, CodePink activists have built a popular peace movement over the last decade. Through interviews with organizers and participants, observation and analysis of CodePink public actions and a detailed historical analysis of CodePink's place in a longer tradition of women-led peace activism, this research project will test the claim that CodePink's style distances its activism from the essentialist peace politics of the 1980s and offers a new mode of feminist peace activism -- one that is perhaps better equipped to build a network that exemplifies the kind of diversity imagined by critical feminist scholars and activists and one that can formulate an inclusive transnational response to new security challenges in the international realm.

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