The role of YVH1, a dual specificity phosphatase, in the production of alternative oxidase in the filamentous fungus Neurospora crassa

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    Desaulniers, Adrien, B
  • Alternative oxidase (AOX) is a single protein enzyme that carries
    electrons from ubiquinol to molecular oxygen. AOX is induced in many
    organisms, including Neurospora crassa, when the standard electron transport
    chain is blocked through various inhibitors or mutations. A knockout (KO) for a
    dual specificity phosphatase, termed YVH1, cannot properly induce AOX and has
    a slow growth phenotype. YVH1 contains a HCX5R phosphatase domain and a
    zinc-binding domain. YVH1 localizes to the nucleus and cytosol equally under all
    conditions studied. The phenotype of the KO is rescued with constructs that
    contain only a functional zinc-binding domain. The phosphatase domain appears
    to be non-essential. The protein has been shown to play a role in ribosome
    biogenesis in yeast. Preliminary RNA-seq experiments revealed that expression of
    17% of the 10,000 protein coding genes of N. crassa is altered at least 2 fold by
    loss of yvh1 when grown in inducing conditions.

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    Fall 2013
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