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Decolonizing the Jesuit Relations from New France

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2021: This project reconceives of the Jesuit Relations as the result of dialogue instead of the sole labour of dedicated, scholarly priests. It seeks to account for how the Jesuits' Indigenous interlocutors contributed to the texts, and how those contributions were subsequently masked by missionary authors and editors. Indigenous sources are quoted or credited selectively in the Relations, and previous studies have assessed their contributions to the texts on that basis. As my own research has suggested, however, there is good reason to think that significant changes to the raw material of the texts were made in both New France and Paris prior to publication, making the printed books an unreliable record of how---and what---Indigenous people contributed to them. Instead of relying on the Relations alone, this project will draw on sources that are related to the published texts but distinct from them, including manuscript reports, letters, dictionaries, and journals. Comparison of these materials to the Relations will bring to light the words and ideas of Indigenous people that were subsequently edited out, translated in potentially misleading ways, or not attributed to their sources.

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