Directional Tight Framelet Filter Bank Design

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    Che, Menglu
  • It is well known that most information of an image is contained in its edges. Therefore
    capturing edges in an image is of fundamental importance in image processing. Tensor
    product real-valued wavelets only capture edges along the horizontal and vertical direc-
    tions. Hence they are only suboptimal for handling high-dimensional problems. In this
    thesis we use a framelet-based approach to enhance the performance of tensor product
    real-valued wavelets. By employing an additional high-pass filter, we construct finitely
    supported complex-valued tight framelet filter banks {a;b1,b2} such that their tensor
    products in dimension two offer four directions along 0◦(horizontal), 45◦, 90◦(vertical)
    and 135◦. We propose a simple and effective algorithm to construct such directional
    tight framelet filter banks, and provide a necessary and sufficient condition for their
    existence. Finally, several concrete examples of such directional tight framelet filter
    banks are given.

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    Fall 2013
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    Master of Science
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