Ecological chaos in the wake of invasion.

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  • Irregularities in observed population densities have traditionally been attributed to discretization of the underlying dynamics. We propose an alternative explanation by demonstrating the evolution of spatiotemporal chaos in reaction-diffusion models for predator-prey interactions. The chaos is generated naturally in the wake of invasive waves of predators. We discuss in detail the mechanism by which the chaos is generated. By considering a mathematical caricature of the predator-prey models, we go on to explain the dynamical origin of the irregular behavior and to justify our assertion that the behavior we present is a genuine example of spatiotemporal chaos.

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    • Sherratt, J. A., Lewis, M. A., & Fowler, A. C. (1995). Ecological chaos in the wake of invasion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 92(7), 2524-2528.