Here today, where tomorrow? Monitoring and making sense of Government of Canada web content changes in a post-depository environment.

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  • The Government of Canada’s web presence is constantly changing. From early Common Look and Feel Protocols to the recent Web Renewal Action Plan, content has been removed and/or replaced, sometimes captured by the Depository Services Program (DSP) or Library and Archives Canada and sometimes eliminated without any apparent archiving. Amanda Wakaruk will discuss preliminary findings from a project to monitor web consolidations and the effects of the Government of Canada's guidelines to remove content deemed “ROTten” … that is, content determined to be 'Redundant, Outdated or Trivial.' The presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion, led by CLA's Government Information Network Co-Moderators Catherine McGoveran and Michelle Lake, on the post-depository library environment in Canada. Topics of discussion will be related to how libraries are managing their government publications collections following the termination of the DSP's depository library program.

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