Space and Culture as critical practice and as space of culture

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  • What does it mean to describe a journal as an intellectual spaces? What does it mean to create a literary and public space, such as a journal, for reflecting on culture as itself a form of space? This has entailed grasping culture in its topological sense as relational, which brings to bear relations in time as well as space. This paper reflects on 20 years of Space and Culture journal as a project to create an invisible college through the medium of academic journal writing and editing. How has thinking about the spatial evolved over these two decades into network and relational approaches? Questions about particular spaces and places, projects and constructions have raised questions of not only continuity in relations, social and ethical forms but of breaks, bifurcations and crises points. In what ways has an interest in ‘space and culture’ effectively responded to political questions and ideological crises? These are challenging in that they are both localized and globally significant; disproportionately affect specific groups/identities/statuses but raise general questions of justice, equity, respect and care. What can we learn from not only successes but from its gaps and failures and from the sometimes fraught relation of this projects’ ‘affinity for the spatial’ to institutions and forms of critique that have generally been theorized under the rubric of the temporal?

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