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Psychosocial Adaptation & Integration of Syrian Refugee Communities Using Community Learning Empowerment Groups

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  • SSHRC IG funded in 2018. The study builds on two exploratory community-based, participatory research (CBPR) projects with Syrian refugees. Guided by CBPR, and using ethnographic data collection and analysis methods, we examine the psychosocial adaption and integration of 8 diverse Syrian refugee groups using Community Learning Empowerment Groups (CLEGs) facilitated by 8 trained Syrian community leaders and 4 bi-cultural community brokers. Objectives are to (1) examine the psychosocial adaptation needs, challenges and processes of different Syrian refugee groups (e.g., women, men, youth, and seniors of diverse ethnicities and religions); (2) understand the processes involved in developing and implementing community learning empowerment groups; (3) understand how identifying and creating community-based solutions affect these groups' integration pathways; and (4) mobilize knowledge generated through the development of a resource manual to be used by Syrians and other refugee groups.

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